What’s in a Name?

My name isIn the Shakespearean play, “Romeo and Juliet,” the question was posed by Juliet as she tried to justify her love and attraction for young Romeo.  “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.”  What was Shakespeare implying?  He was implying that regardless of name, Romeo would still be Romeo, and Juliet would still be Juliet.  If a rose had a different name, it would still smell like a rose.  In this instance a name doesn’t change who or what we are.  Or should it?

I think of the names that children are given these days.  There is no thought; no significant meaning; no purpose.  I can’t spell, let alone pronounce some of those names.  Some parents go with what’s trending (or not) at the time opting to change a letter or two in order to vary the spelling, but the pronunciation is still the same. (That’s another blog post for another time.)

My mother is a woman of simplicity.  She would dress my sister and I, as well as herself, in timeless, classic fashions that could weather multiple seasons.  She didn’t go for trendy fashions for her purse would not afford us that luxury.  In any event, I believe that is why she named me what she did.  I have a very simple and classic first and middle name, Angela Camille.  As I young child, I hated to be called Angela.  Angie is who I was to family and close friends.  Looking back now, I think it represented a playful, child-like innocence.  Sure my teachers called me Angela, but that was different.  Through high school, college, and today, I was and still am Angie to my friends and family.  As a young professional, I dare not let my supervisor or co-workers call me anything but Angela.  I needed to be taken seriously and that was the way I would gain respect in the workplace, or so I thought.  Then there were a few guys I liked/dated that called me Angela.  There was one that called me Angel.  One referred to me fondly as Camille.  Whether I’m Angela, Angie, Ange, or Camille, there is no one else I’d rather be.  I love Dr. Seuss quotes and this one is framed and in my office at work, “Today you are YOU, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is youer than YOU!”  My name is uncomplicated and easy to spell.  Sometimes, depending on what I’m called, it’s can be reflective of my current position, mood or attitude.  I believe I was given the right name.  Somehow it just fits me or maybe I grew into it.  What about you? Do you fit your name or does your name fit you?