fb_img_1477075059248Hello and welcome to my site:  Redbone and Rice.  I am A. Redbone.   Sometimes Angela, sometimes Angie, and sometimes “Red” to close friends and family.  I’m so grateful that you thought it not robbery to take time to visit my page and share in this amazing journey with me.  It is my hope that you will continue to follow me, my writing, and my rants.  I have kept a hand-written journal  for the last 24 years.  That’s almost a quarter of a century.  Wow!  My commitment to God and my writing are the two most constants in my life.  Both provide therapeutic emotional and spiritual healing while giving me clarity and peace of mind.  It wasn’t until I moved to Texas (USA) that I realized I was supposed to be writing.  It was so a strong pull on my very being that I tried to negotiate and barter with God.  Of course, other than my worship, I think He’s the one who gets the short-end of the “deal'”all the time. He is, after all, God.  What could I possibly do for Him that He can’t do for Himself?  See, there I go again…going off on a tangent, and THIS is why I write.  It helps me stay focused.  In any event, I had this old clunky Gateway computer.  Do you remember the brand?  I think they came out a little before or about the time that Dell computers did.  I had it almost 12 years when I moved here and that is a hell of a long time for a desktop computer.  It went everywhere I did:  Atlanta, GA; Seattle, WA; Valdosta, GA; Greenville, NC; Columbia, SC; Charlotte, NC; and finally to Austin, TX.  I promised God that if He put me in a position to get a laptop I would write the book.  Well, He did and I didn’t.  Nothing changed.  The desire to write was no less.  I think for me it was just than I didn’t know what to write or how to put out there without hurting anyone.  I thought I’d always publish my journal entries, but if you’ve ever kept a journal, you know how incredibly brutally honest it can be.  It’s like it becomes your best friend and you tell it everything.

fb_img_1477074649425So, here I am after another 10 year wait (that’s how long I’ve been in Austin) and I’m finally doing it.  As a librarian and in this day of technology, I don’t have a choice but to write, wherever it may lead.  So as I thought about it and realized I didn’t have the discipline just to sit down and type out a book, maybe a blog would be a better option for me.  The challenge, for me was not what to write, but what to call a blog/site.  Of course I want to create a following.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t!  I also want to be as transparent here as I have been in my journals.  I solicited the input of my friends and bounced ideas off of them about the name.  OMG!  The person I least expected to come up with such a brilliant name, JC, came through for me!  (When I get his permission to disclose his name, I’ll clue you in on who JC is.  Hence the birth of “Redbone and Rice:  The Evolution of Me.”

Now I’ll bet I can guess what you’re wondering.  For those who are not of the Black culture (and I do prefer the term Black over African-American), according to http://www.urbandictionary.com, is “A redbone is a very fair/light-skinned black female; She can be of mixed from two parents of a different background (i.e. white & black) or be related to someone of a different race along their immediate blood-line which produces her fair complexion OR just have two very fair-skinned (black) parents who may also be mixed of a different race; although body shape is of no relevance, she is commonly known in the urban community for being “thick” which is a compliment referring to nice curves. The hair color/texture has no relevance as there are many redbones with different hair textures…you have some with green, blue, gray or light to dark brown eyes, but the most popular “media” redbones are known for their light eyes; She is commonly from the South (i.e. Louisiana) due to the mixture of French, African, and Indian decent; Lastly, redbones are known for their signature beauty and just happen to factually be one of the FINEST specimens that have walked this earth!”

Just to clear the air, both of my parents are Black and their parents were Black. However, my complexion and skin tones denote there was definitely some ethnic mixing within my lineage.  I may not have the “good” hair, but I have good hair with reddish, dirty-brown hues and the eye coloring which is hazel today, but on another day could be green, gray or blue to look at.  My paternal grandfather used to always call me “Blue Eyes.”  My mother has gray eyes.  My maternal grandmother had green eyes.  My mother’s sister had green eyes and her son, my first cousin has green eyes.

There you have the story of this Redbone. My story is only my story.  I can not speak for others or to their experiences.

A. Redbone